Using Social Media for Online Marketing

Social Media Cocktail Party

Social Media Cocktail Party

At a recent online marketing seminar about email newsletters and social media, the presenter, Kelly Flint of Constant Contact, compared social media such as Facebook and Twitter to a cocktail party with short informal conversations, and email newsletters to a dinner party with more in depth discussions.

There’s a variety of low cost and even free tools that can help you to more effectively use email marketing and social media to promote your business and engage with your customers. For example, email marketing services such as and have built in tools that let you automatically share your newsletters on Facebook and Twitter, as well as track which of your customers visits each social media site. Services like can bring a summary of your social network updates to your inbox in a single email that you can schedule.

In the coming months, will be focusing on best practices, tips and tricks on how to use social media for online marketing, and general netiquette issues that will help keep you compliant with anti-spam laws and keep your customers happy.

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