Webeclectic.com Rock Star

Darcie Fulkerson, Founder of Webeclectic.com, got a unique behind the scenes look at the Vino Robles Ampitheatre on the Softec tour. Vina Robles staff explained the cutting edge amphitheatre design, ticket sales details and day to day operations, and gave attendees a tour complete with a backstage (and an on stage) pass.

… Here is our own “Softec Rock Star” Darcie Fulkerson as we toured the backstage areas including the rooms you will never see during a regular event. The backstage logistics were very impressive with room for four trucks on the loading dock just steps from the stage. The parking has power panels for tour buses so the generators do not have to run. The facility also had the road noise from the highway and you really notice the difference when you go from the front to the back. …
– Bob Dumouchel, Softec

“I especially like the room with the massage table – I think I need one of those in my office.”
– Darcie Fulkerson, Founder of Webeclectic.com

See the full article on Softec’s website.